Trasition Fair | May 1, 2018

Helping Hand Center’s High School Transition program collaborates with the family and school to provide each student with a seamless transition from high school into adult programming. We open our doors to students while they are still in high school, so they can get a sense of the adult services that are provided in their community after they graduate.

Students are gradually introduced into Helping Hand Center’s Adult Day Program, which offers a variety of program tracks including music, cooking, art, and life skills. Students are given the opportunity to select which groups they would like to experience based on schedule availability.

Students attend programming from 9am until 3pm, and increase the number of days they attend each week as they advance through the transition process:

  • Months 1 and 2: one day per week
  • Months 3 and 4: two days per week
  • Months 5 and 6: three days per week
  • Months 7 and 8: four days per week
  • Months 9 and 10: five days per week

Students are always supervised by school staff.

A Transition Specialist from Helping Hand Center will collaborate with transition staff from the high school to assess students’ social interaction skills, group participation, and self-monitoring. Students are regularly updated with their progress in these areas. The outcomes of these assessments assist students, family members, and staff identify strengths and recognizing areas that require supports or improvements.