Back in 1955, families came together to provide the best opportunities for their loved ones with disabilities by founding Helping Hand Center. Today, that tradition continues through the Helping Hand Center Family Network.

The Family Network is a group of dedicated parents and family members who organize and participate in social, educational, and support opportunities throughout the year.

Annual Events

Family Network annual events include the Pasta Supper in the spring, Family Picnic in the summer, Ice Cream Social in the fall, and Holiday Luncheon in the winter.

Family Support Nights

The Family Network also hosts monthly Family Support Nights at 6pm the first Wednesday of each month. Each meeting focuses on a different topic and features a guest speaker from Helping Hand Center or another organization.


There are no membership dues for the Family Network. We simply ask that you attend events when possible and bring along other families who may benefit from attendance, whether they are affiliated with Helping Hand Center or not.