• December Anniversaries

    Michelle Hascek
    9 Years

    Shaneka Craig
    7 Years

    Valerie Barnes
    6 Years

    Shanita Smith
    4 Years

    Tamika Brown
    3 Years

    Kimbra Smith
    3 Years

Welcome to the Employee Portal!

Welcome to the Helping Hand Employee Portal! Here you will find links to commonly accessed websites, employee birthdays, anniversaries and agency news. We have plans to add additional functionality in the near future.

Our Mission

Transforming lives of all connected to Helping Hand through genuine care and education.

Our Vision

For people with Intellectual/Developmental disabilities to be equally valued in all communities!

Computer Password Requirements

Here are the guidelines for choosing a password for your network account:

  • All user and admin passwords must be at least 14 characters in length. Passphrases are strongly encouraged.
  • It is encouraged to use uppercase, numbers and special characters to make it harder for hackers to crack.
  • Passwords must be completely unique, and not used for personal account.

  • User passwords must be changed every 12 months. Previously used passwords may not be reused.

    Password Protection

  • Passwords must not be shared with anyone (including coworkers and supervisors) and must not be revealed or sent electronically.
  • Passwords shall not be written down or physically stored anywhere in the office.
  • When configuring password "hints", do not hint at the format of your password (e.g., "zip + middle name")
  • User IDs and passwords must not be stored in an unencrypted format.
  • User IDs and passwords must not be scripted to enable automatic login.
  • "Remember Password" feature on websites and applications should not be used.
  • All mobile devices that connect to the company network must be secured with a password and/or biometric authentication and must be configured to lock after 3 minutes of inactivity.

Employee Assistance Program

Helping Hand has partnered with SupportLinc to provide professional counseling for a variety of concerns such as stress, anxiety, relationships and substance abuse. Expert referrals for dependent care, home repair and more are also available. Receive in-the-moment support, guidance and resources at no cost to you, 24/7/365, by calling 1-888-881-LINC (5462) or visit their website at https://www.supportlinc.com. The password for access is hhc.

December Birthdays

Valerie Barnes - December 1     Clarissa Adams - December 3     
Lauren Rochel - December 3     Marissa Guzman - December 4     
Josephine Jones - December 5     Isabella Nardi - December 8     
Alice Jacobs - December 12     Jacqueline McElwain - December 12     
Sky McKenzie - December 14     Earliecia Sykes - December 16     
Jenna Rosales - December 16     Kimbra Smith - December 16     
Jane Krocheski - December 18     Jeff Boyar - December 18     
Luhannauh Merrick - December 18     Susie Zale - December 19     
Jessica Davit - December 23     Ryan Vokac - December 25     
Tiffany Murphy - December 27     Jennifer Gulczynski - December 28     
Taylor Henry - December 30     

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