Empower provides confidence and skills to individuals with disabilities so they can become active members in their communities. The program is meant to serve as an intermediary step for those interested in employment or other community opportunities, but may not be ready for a traditional vocational program.

Community Involvement

While in a classroom setting, program participants will collaboratively plan community outings based on interest and the potential for skill-building, while at the same time considering both the budget and necessary safety skills needed for the trip.


Volunteer experiences provide participants with understanding about social responsibility and giving back to their community, as well as offer real-life experience for potential future employment.


Through a partnership with Helping Hand Center’s Employment Services Department, individuals interested in community jobs will begin building general computer, interview, and communication skills, as well as increasing competencies relating to specific positions.

Empower is made possible through a grant from The Coleman Foundation.

If you think you might already be ready for community employment, you might be interested in Helping Hand Center’s Employment Services programs.