Helping Hand Center’s Behavioral Health Clinic specializes in providing behavioral health services to children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The diverse professional staff offers treatment approaches that are innovative, creative, and focused on the emotional health and wellness of each individual.

Psychotherapy Services

Therapists work with individuals to promote positive mental health through a variety of therapeutic techniques used to address issues such as depression, anxiety, anger management, and psychosis. Therapists also work on increasing skills such as self-advocacy, self-esteem, community awareness, and social skills.

Individual, group, and family therapies are offered:

  • Psycho-social Group Therapy – focused on solving problems or concerns by facilitating emotional support amongst group members and therapists.
  • Psycho-Educational Group Therapy – Group therapy focused on skill-building and educational support.
  • Family Therapy and Support – Therapy that works with all family members to nurture and support growth.

Mental Health & Diagnostic Testing

Therapists assess and treat a variety of mental health concerns including mood and anxiety disorders, behavioral disorders, and transitional difficulties in individuals diagnosed with a developmental disability and/or autism. Testing is also provided for Intellectual and Adaptive functioning.

Behavior Services

Behavior Analysts work with individuals on skill development, verbal behavior, incidental teaching, discrete trial training, ABBLLS testing, and other therapeutic techniques to address functional communication training, social skills training, attention, and skill development.