Fall 2019 Programs

If you are a new Afterhours participant, you must complete the Intake Process before registering for programming.

Afterhours groups will not take place on:

  • Friday, October 4
  • Monday & Tuesday, November 28 & 29
  • Tuesday & Wednesday, December 24 & 25
  • Tuesday, December 31


Afterhours Procedures & Guidelines

(Mon, 3pm-6pm)
Game on! Every Monday afternoon our participants will enjoy a day of socialization through a variety of games. The group will experience friendly competition and fun through board games, video games, sports and other activities.
Monthly ($135)Quarterly ($405)

(Tues, 3pm-5pm)
Bowl your way into summer! Come join us for some socialization and friendly competition. Each week we will bowl at a local bowling alley. Make sure you bring #4 for two games.
Cost of bowling is not included in the fee.
Monthly ($113)Quarterly ($339)

(Wed, 3pm-5pm)
Come get a total body workout! In this group you will be doing both strength training and cardio fitness. We will utilize a mix of free weights, resistance bands, steppers and staionary bikes along with walking and dancing. This program is suited for a beginner to a fitness fanatic - as YOU set your own bar for how far you want to push!
Monthly ($113)Quarterly ($339)

(Thurs, 3pm-5pm)
Join us as we learn different movements that will reduce our stress, increase self-expression all while having fun. Each week we will play different music, learn different movements and get tips on how to reduce stress.
Monthly ($113)Quarterly ($339)

(Fri, 3pm-6pm)
Start the weekend fun with us! Each week you will explore different places within your community. In this program, you will visit parks, restaurants, and shops. Cost of food and admissions are not included in the fee.
Monthly ($162)Quarterly ($486)





ICILAHome-BasedPrivate Pay


All Afterhours payments can be made online at hhcenter.org/payment