Helping Hand Center’s Adult Day Program is a college-campus style program for individuals with disabilities over the age of 22. The wellness model we incorporate into our programming considers the physical, emotional, economic, personal, intellectual, community, and social wellness of those involved. This model allows individuals to set and achieve goals that allow for the acquisition of new skills, practice of learned techniques, and continuation of peer socialization while focusing on programming with a purpose.


We offer a wide variety of tracks that focus on the overall wellness of an individual while helping them gain independence in the community and in their home. All programs take place in our Adult Services Building in Hodgkins, Illinois. Program tracks include:

  • Recreation & Outings
  • Life Skills
  • Music & Performance
  • Art
  • Computers
  • Cooking
  • Volunteering

Clinical Services

Clinical Services are interwoven into our Adult Day Program in a variety of ways. Each individual in the program works with a dedicated Case Manager, whom acts as a liaison with the family and assists the individual with setting and achieving goals. Staffings with the individual, their family or guardian, and the Case Manager are held annually to review goals and choose program tracks, as well as assess barriers to increasing independence.

Individuals work with Board Certified Behaviors Analysts to decrease maladaptive and inappropriate behaviors, acquire skills, and increase social and emotional independence. Individual and Group Counseling sessions are offered by licensed professionals in order to assist individuals improve peer relationships and self-advocate. A Medical Clinic is also onsite to administer medications and assist with any immediate health needs.

Certain therapeutic services are also available to adults in the Day Program through our Outpatient Clinic.

Helping Hand Center also offers day programming options for High School Transition Students and Aging Individuals with Disabilities.