• August Anniversaries

    Claudia Flores
    20 Years

    Daphne Mitchell
    11 Years

    Beth Hooton
    9 Years

    Tracy Escamilla
    7 Years

    Megan Gonzales
    6 Years

    Rosemarie Burns
    5 Years

    Nicole Branch
    4 Years

    Rachel Stege
    4 Years

    Scott Galloway
    3 Years

    Ashley Donaldson
    3 Years

    Destinee Melton
    2 Years

    Brittni Craft
    2 Years
  • August Anniversaries

    Eliana Lopez
    2 Years

    Molly Richardville
    2 Years

    Justine Coffin
    1 Year

    Kari Taylor
    1 Year

    Estella Sanders
    1 Year

    Deonna Beaty
    1 Year

    Marshun James
    1 Year

    Olga Menchaca
    1 Year

    Dana Truesdale
    1 Year

    Brittanie Teague
    1 Year

    Donna Rickelman
    1 Year

    Joanna Weir
    1 Year

Welcome to the Employee Portal!

Welcome to the Helping Hand Employee Portal! Here you will find links to commonly accessed websites, employee birthdays, anniversaries and agency news. We have plans to add additional functionality in the near future.

If you have suggestions to make this website better or have an item that you would like to have displayed on the news crawl, please email Brian Blankenship.

Our Mission

The mission of Helping Hand Center is to assist persons with disabilities to achieve their highest level of independence through quality programs and services.

Our Vision

The vision of Helping Hand Center is that people with disabilities and their families will select Helping Hand for rehabilitative services because of its ability to provide high quality, flexible and appropriate services that achieve desired outcomes.

Perspectives EAP Orientation Video

Employees can now access an online orientation video with details about what is offered through the EAP. To access the orientation video, click here and enter "HHR500" for the user name and "perspectives" for the password.

August Birthdays

Alexandra Erickson - August 1     Kathleen Dakuras - August 1     
Anyssa Balcazar - August 2     LaTonya Jordan - August 2     
McKenzie Coleman - August 5     Ashley Maranto - August 6     
Devereaux Winburn - August 11     Rasim Huseincehajic - August 12     
Diane Aurich - August 13     Sierra Morgan - August 18     
Robin Vesperman - August 20     Brianna Walton - August 22     
Matthew Nordman - August 22     Tarsha Webb - August 23     
Ceana Gates - August 24     Todd Speight - August 26     
Cosandra Gray-Matthews - August 28     Breanna Gipson - August 29     
Heather Tillmon - August 29     Jennifer Cole - August 29     
Julie McLaughlin - August 31     

Computer Password Requirements

Here are the guidelines for choosing a password for your network account:

  • Passwords may not contain the user's account name or parts of the user's full name that exceed two consecutive characters
  • Passwords must be at least six characters in length
  • Passwords must contain characters from three of the following four categories:
    1) English uppercase characters (A through Z)
    2) English lowercase characters (a through z)
    3) Base 10 digits (0 through 9)
    4) Non-alphabetic characters (for example, !, $, #, %)
  • Passwords expire after 90 days and must be changed.

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